"Some memories are enough to perfume a soul forever ..."
Gabriele D'Annunzio

..Are just the home's smells memories to inspire the design of the fragrance "Lo scrigno" where the protagonist is the Lemon, iconic element always present in the collections and chisels on Brandimarte trays, frames, bowls, decorations inspired by nature always around at home, fruit trees, flowering vines, lands made of silence, to discover a nature artfully crafted by man.

Today Brandimarte is proposing it as an emotional memories to give a message of innovation and tradition on a time when the craft has a strong need to express their vitality.

Introducing "Lo scrigno" lemon as a thread between the three major brands of Florentine artistic craftsmanship:
Locchi, Aquaflor and Brandimarte.

The union of these three Florentine historical brands express the concept of continuing the historical tradition, looking to the past into a new future.

Locchi for Brandimarte realised a glass decanter engraved by hand.

The incision represent the same lemon Brandimarte offers also in the form of silver pendant/keychain.

Aquaflor creates a fresh lemon fragrance, to be inserted inside the decanter, once again in the form that Brandimarte propose in silver wine collections, created by the father of Guscelli Bianca.