Brandimarte offers a collection of historical medals, commemorating the humor and the irony of the founder.

Some of these medals represent the historical Florentine artist like Lawrence, Machiavelli, Galileo, Dante, Leonardo, and of course Brandimarte.

All these characters on the back of the coin bring their historic phrase (ex.Lorenzo: "Chi vuol essere lieto sia).

The other medals represent "ironic jokes" or sound bites.

They cannot be complete without the collection of "the forint medal" and the medal of the historic Florentine soccer, tribute to the history of Florence.

The Medal of Bacchus reads:

"Se il vino non lo reggi, l'uva la devi mangiare a chicchi"

And we couldn't miss the historic medal of Cesare:

"Give to Caesar what is Caesar .. VENTITRE CURTELLATE"