Bianca Guscelli - Brandimarte Firenze

The craftsmanship that has always characterized Brandimarte will bring to the market products that are part of the tradition of silver works, silverware for the table and lines of jewelry in silver 925.

Will join then other luxury crafts.

Brandimarte is also offering a collection of historical silver medals made by the founder in the 70's, depicting the great Florentine artist and not only this.
It will be for the memory of the ironic and artistic genius of Brandi.

The production is through third parties, craftsmen who work exclusively on the design of Brandimarte.

It will be then expected a store in the center of Florence where our clients will see all the collections and the craftsmanship of the products.

It will be planned an expansion of the stores Brandimarte as well in Italy and abroad for a process of evolution of the historic Florentine brand regarding our Made in Italy.

The company's philosophy remains the one of the founder: the use of silver in everyday life by exploiting the properties - antibacterial, antibiotic, conductor of heat and flavor enhancer in beverages, in addition to invaluable aesthetic value.

Brandimarte address to various sectors: furniture, catering, wine bars, hotels and fashion, bringing the silver Brandimarte its historical role and, why not, innovative.