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The silver Brandimarte

Silverware for the table that end up in the homes of those who love beautiful things, not only to the eye but to the sense that the Brandimarte believed to have been too much neglected by the consumer society, the sense of touch. Stephen and Jade, company owners continue his father's message. ".. The silver is to live, cook in silver, enjoy the fragrance of a good wine in a glass silver can 'become a unique experience not to be missed ..." The silverware Brandimart enhance every moment of everyday life, breaking down the barriers of inhibition to the use of the product thus being able to enjoy the excitement of this noble metal, from the table to the furniture. For its fine craftsmanship of the silver Brandimart are among the most 'important brands in Italy and recognized around the world.

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Wine Collection

Glasses and Decanter silver for tasting.


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The extraordinary works on commission.

Silver Passion

The major properties of silver, noble metal.

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